Software and Programming

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Software and Programming
Embedded/ RT team leader with a proven experience in embedded systems development. You will take a lead of a team of experience engineers developing wide range of company products. You are expecting to provide a high standards of SW engineering, provide a high quality maintainable code, perform code reviews, unit testing and integrations processes.
Skills & Requirements:
Professional skills:
–       Must B.Sc. in computer science or similar from a well-known institution
–       Must 3+ years as a TL with proven abilities for independent work
–       Must At least 5+ years hands-on experience in embedded systems design and developing
–      Profound experience and understanding of multitasking systems and RT operating systems
–       Must At least 5 years of hands-on experience programming in C and C++
–      Profound understanding of OOP/OOD principles

Big advantage for experience in following fields:
–      Embedded Linux development (U-boot, kernel, device drivers) experience
–      Python
–      Digital video / audio
–      Video streaming systems
–      Communication protocols

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