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Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
Software and Programming
About Kramer:
Kramer Electronics is a leader in the Commercial Electronics Industry. Our team is comprised of developers and engineers that are excited about technology and pushing the limits to develop a cutting-edge Data & Analytics Control Platform. Our development, engineering and support is headquartered in Jerusalem, and we have 25 offices worldwide.
Job Description:
We are currently looking for talented and energetic software development engineers eager to build next generation control, analytics, and automation platform to join our team to work on our embedded software system called “Brains”.
In this role you will be focused on:
·        Solving technical challenges in every area of the software stack.
·        Working with our awesome industry partners to develop unique software solutions to their A/V and IoT related problems.
·        Implementing new features in conjunction with our existing web, embedded, and mobile applications.
·        Maintaining and developing our embedded software systems for on-premise devices
·        Investigating, diagnosing, root-causing real-world fault scenarios, and creating fixes or identifying and recommending improvements to our embedded software systems
Brain Engineers will report directly to the Development Manager
·        Architect scalable services and the infrastructure to support them.
·        Develop both cloud-based applications as well as native clients across many platforms.
·        Integrate with 3rd party APIs to extend functionality.
·        Develop software for embedded systems that solve unique, real world IoT problems.
·        Use Agile methodologies to collaboratively deliver solid software solutions.
·        Aid the team in spec’ing out and accurately estimating new features.
Mandatory Qualifications
·        B.Sc. degree in Computer Science or related degree with an excellent academic record.
·        3+ years of software engineering experience (C++11/14 Java/Javascript/Relational Databases)
·        Must be proficient in conversational English
·        Demonstrable experience in developing applications in Angular/Typescript.
·        Knowledge of relational databases such as PostgreSQL.
·        Strong object-oriented design experience.
·        Ability to employ software design patterns and abstractions to create functional and maintainable code.
·        Familiarity with unit testing frameworks like JUnit, gTest, etc.
·        Familiarity with agile development methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.
Desired Qualifications
·        Knowledge of web technologies such as Spring Boot, AWS, or Messaging Protocols.
·        Energy for researching and discussing the latest trends in software development.
·        Experience designing and consuming REST APIs.
·        Experience developing for iOS and Android.
·        Familiarity with unit testing frameworks like JUnit, gTest, etc.
·        Experience writing cross platform and low-level systems applications.
·        Familiarity with source code management such as Git (BitBucket) and ticket management (Jira)
·        The ability to write functional and maintainable code in scripting languages such as Python or Ruby
·        Knowledge of web technologies such as Angular2
·        Experience with development for iOS and Android mobile platforms
·        Experience developing cross platform applications and writing low-level systems applications

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