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How PLATFORMUST Accurately Write and Format Your Résumé or CV

English CV-Résumé
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Your resume is a reflection of your professional journey and career. It is meant to show potential employers that you are a qualified lead for the position they are trying to fill.

In today’s world, it is imperative that your resume is carefully constructed and accurately presented to ensure that it passes through application tracking systems and to the potential interviewer.

להתקדם הלאה עם קורות חיים באנגלית רהוטה מבית PLATFORMUST

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Your chances of meeting with someone increase exponentially by adequately formatting and creating your resume for application tracking systems (ATS).

When PLATFORMUST professional English CV writers are crafting your resume, they ensure that you are on the right track. Happy Hunting!

Proper formatting and optimization are especially important for your resume and CV regarding application tracking systems. Particular style and formatting choices can block your application or make it harder for the system to read a file accurately and store your information.

Fortunately, we have put in the hard work to determine precisely how you need to design your CV or resume to be as optimized as possible. Continue reading to learn how the proper file type, display your information, and correctly format your CV or resume.

The Importance of Proofreading

Over half of the resumes submitted to application tracking systems and recruiters contain spelling and grammatical errors. These can cause a resume or CV to be rejected automatically by both a potential employer and the tracking system that they use.

In this case, it is not enough to rely on your spell check to correct errors – many go unnoticed by Microsoft Word. PLATFORMUST CV professional writers will read over your resume a few times and look over it, as well.

💡 It is best to print out your resume and read it aloud to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and sounds right on the page.

קורות חיים באנגלית English Resume FAQ

Resume Vs curriculum vitae (CV)

Generally, a resume in a one-pager summary of the curriculum vitae that refer to a more formal document created by a job candidate to detail their work credentials. It describes a person's abilities and training, job experience and education, and, most all, their achievements with previous employers.

What is curriculum vitae (CV)?

Curriculum vitae is typically accompanied by several documents and a bespoke cover letter expressing enthusiasm for a specific job or business and drawing attention to the essential specifications in the curriculum vitae. It should also educate the company about their work goals (the position they are looking for) and explain in detail the advantages they will offer to job position if they are employed.

Who needs curriculum vitae?

Technically, both your resume or in other words the short version and your curriculum vitae should explain what makes you distinct and your credentials. If you are a doctor for instance, you need curriculum vitae that promotes your skills by providing different supporting-documents and matches the position to distinguish you from other candidates.

CV vs Resume - Which One is better?

Arguably, an excellent one pager resume can do that job too and attracts employers' and recruiters' attention. Also, it will sell your best talents and achievements and shows how you match a job or project and, above all, obtain a job interview.

Pay Someone To Write My Resume?

Don't worry if you've never written a CV, PLATFORMUST professional CV writers will create a winning curriculum vitae while our graphics team will design its structure.

If you prefer to do it yourself, we recommend that you take some time to read resumes and utilize them as a guide to create your resume.

A resume needs to properly portray the job you want, summarize it in the proper English, grammar, spelling, etc. Avoid humiliating formatting errors that could lose you a lifelong career.

Is a resume a marketing doc?

Without a positive first impression, a potential employer will probably cease evaluating you as an appropriate candidate for an offered position and move to other applicants who have given stronger CVs.

It would be best if you thought of a CV as a marketing tool for yourself. It will describe your history, abilities, and training so that a prospective employer can understand quickly and how your experience may contribute to the success of a business.

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